Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Chapter 6 — Basic Flight Maneuvers

Climbs and Climbing Turns, Descents and Descending Turns

To gain altitude, increase engine RPM. To lose altitude, decrease engine RPM. When a PPC enters a climb, it changes flight path from level or descending (with level or declined planes) to ascending with an inclined plane. [Figure 6-7]

Straight climbs are achieved by increasing throttle above the level flight setting and holding a straight heading. Climbing turns require more throttle than straight climbs.

During any descent, the pilot must clear the area below and to the turning side (if applicable) before beginning these maneuvers.

To descend, reduce throttle below the straight and level RPM while flying straight or in a turn.

Throttle reduction is the basis for determining the descent rate. Banking the aircraft will also increase the descent rate. Greater bank angles result in greater descent rates.

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