Chapter 3


While many webbing and tapes have the same specifications, they still have different designations. The difference is a common rule of thumb where anything 1" or wider and over 1000-lb strength is webbing. Anything less is a tape. There are, however, some examples that fall outside of this criterion.

The primary use for webbing is for load bearing purposes such as harnesses and risers. Tapes are for use as support and reinforcing for canopies and containers. Most webbing and tapes, when manufactured, are left in their natural, untreated condition (condition U), or treated with a synthetic resin named Merlon, for stiffness (condition R). A newer treatment, called “Ecco,” is similar to a light condition R. This is a newer treatment that is ecologically friendlier than using Merlon. It also results in a medium stiffness that is easier to sew. This is for use primarily in the lighter weight tapes such as 3/4" Ty-3. [Figures 3-16 through 3-31]

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