Chapter 5


As stated in 14 CFR, section 65.133, “Each certificated parachute rigger must have a seal with an identifying mark prescribed by the Administrator, and a seal press. After packing a parachute, he shall seal the pack with his seal in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation for that type of parachute.” Most manuals simply say to “seal the parachute.” The following describes a commonly approved method.

Take a length of seal thread approximately 20 inches long. Fold in half and make two lark’s head knots around the ripcord cable adjacent to the shank of the ripcord pin. [Figure 5-65] Pass one end of the thread through the seal and then under the pin on the opposite side of the locking loop or cone. [Figure 5-66] Bring the end back through the second hole in the seal and tie a knot with the other end of the thread. [Figure 5-67] Leave enough slack in the thread to allow for movement of the pin without breaking the thread. However, make sure the pin cannot be extracted from the locking loop without breaking the thread. Slide the seal over the knot and compress the seal with the seal press. [Figure 5-68] Trim the excess thread.

Count all of your tools. Fill in the appropriate information on the packing data card and the rigger’s logbook. Place the data card in the packing data card pocket.

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