Chapter 5


If a rigger finds lines out of sequence or the canopy is inside out, it becomes necessary to remove any twists, tangles, or turns. There are two things to remember when encountering this situation. First, if the parachute was originally straight and the entanglement occurred from handling, it is possible to untangle the parachute without disconnecting anything. Second, if the parachute was assembled incorrectly in the first place, it will be virtually impossible to straighten it without disassembling it. These two scenarios become particularly acute when the rigger is brought a parachute for repacking and it was assembled incorrectly. At first the rigger assumes it to be correct, but when a correct continuity cannot be done, it becomes very frustrating, and the rigger may spend an excessive amount of time trying to straighten the canopy.

The rigger should always start at the top or apex end of the canopy. Make sure that the top gore with the data panel is facing up. Follow the gore to the apex so that the upper lateral band is on the outside. Attach the apex to the upper tension device. Next, flake the gores in sequence to see if the canopy is straight. Split the canopy so the left and right line groups are separate at the skirt of the canopy. [Figure 5-7] Pick up the two center gores and grasp the four lines. [Figure 5-8] These will be line number 1 and the last line of the sequence. Run these lines down toward the risers and/or container. On most canopies, these lines will run to the inside, top connector link of a four-link system or to the inside of a two-link system. [Figure 5-9] If these lines are correct, continue the checking of the line continuity.

If the lines are not straight, release the risers from the harness, if possible. If not, take one of the two top lines and untangle it until the line runs straight back to the canopy without going around any of the other lines. Untangle the risers and harness/container until the rest of the lines are straight. Repeat with the other riser, if applicable. Attach the rest of the connector links to the tension device and do a thorough continuity check from the canopy to the connector links. If the lines were incorrectly assembled, disconnect the link from the riser, remove the lines, and reinstall them onto the connector link in the correct order. Reinstall the connector link to the riser. Check the entire canopy for correct continuity. Make sure the connector link is tightened properly.


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