1.1 Measure the container according to Figure A or measure an existing bag according to Figure B.

  1.2 Transfer these dimensions to Figure C.

  1.3 Lay out bag pattern on the para-pak according to Figure C.

  1.4 Cut para-pak and all required tapes and webbings.


  2.1 Fold Ty-12 to center and sew to the inside of the bag fabric at the top grommet location [Figure D].

  2.2 Sew 1 1/2" Ty-4 tape at the outside tongue location [Figure E].

  2.3 Sew 1" Ty-4 tape at the outside mouth location. At the same time, sew down the two side stow band tapes and the three mouth stow band tapes [Figure F].

  2.4 Bind the mouth of the bag with the double needle binding machine. Leave the tapes long at the ends.




  2.5 With the bag inside out, match the edge of the mouth with the alignment marks on the tongue [Figure G].

  2.6 Trim the excess tapes at the edge of the bag.

   2.7 Starting at the inside corner of the bag, bind the inside seam [Figure H].




  2.8 Trim the inside ends of the binding leaving a 2" tail. [Figure J] Double the tail back and bar tack.

  2.9 Bar tack the stow loops at the appropriate locations [Figure K].

  2.10 Install a #5 grommet at the top center of the bag. Orient the grommet from the inside with the washer on the outside [Figure L].

  2.11 Install the three #3 grommets in the tongue of the bag with the grommets from the outside and the washers on the inside [Figure M].


  3.1 Sewing should be straight.

  3.2 Binding should be secure.

  3.3 Verify all bar tacks are in place.

  3.4 Grommets should be oriented correctly and secure.


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