Note: Hand tacking is an integral part of rigging skills. There are numerous places where components or parts are joined. Hardware, housings, cones, and other parts require hand tacking to secure them to their positions. The following examples show typical tacking techniques.


  1.1 Take the needle and supertack and pass it through the reinforcing tape at the bottom of the pilot chute mesh capturing the spring coil [Figure A].

  1.2 Cross over the radial seam reinforcing tape and again pass the needle through the reinforcing tape and capturing the spring coil as before [Figure B].

  1.3 Secure the ends of the supertack with a surgeonís knot and locking knot [Figure C]. Trim to a 3/4" tail.


  2.1 Position the housing end flush with the end of the housing channel.

  2.2 Take the needle and supertack and tie an overhand knot approximately 1" from the end.

  2.3 Pass the needle through the inside of the housing channel and then around the outside below the housing end [Figure D]. The purpose is to choke the end of the channel so that the housing does not protrude from the end.

  2.4 Next take the needle and pass it through the top of the channel fabric over the housing [Figure E].

  2.5 Take the needle and locate the grooves in the housing [Figure F]. Make three loops through the channel, trapping the supertack in the grooves [Figure G].

  2.6 Secure the running end with a surgeonís knot and locking knot.

  2.7 Twist the supertack together and trim with a 3/4" tail.


  3.1 Take the needle and doubled supertack and pass it through the leg pad from the bottom next to the edge of the leg snap [Figure H].

  3.2 Pass the supertack over the bar of the snap and down through the pad [Figure J].

  3.3 Continue with two more turns over the bar keeping the tackings next to each other [Figure K].

  3.4 Secure the two ends on the bottom of the pad with a surgeon's knot and locking knot [Figure L].

  3.5 Twist the ends together and trim to a 3/4" tail.


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