Note: This repair is quite common. If the canopy is inspected regularly, the beginnings of the damage will be noticed and a simple restitching will solve the problem. However, many times it is not and the resultant damage is quite extensive requiring repair of the rib as well as the top panel.


  1.1 Inspect the damaged area to determine the extent of the damage [Figure A]. If the stitching that holds the attachment point to the canopy is simply coming loose, restitch as per the original.

  1.2 If the canopy fabric is damaged, then turn the canopy inside out. The center rib should have a reinforced area that brackets the attachment point [Figure B].

  1.3 Detach the top of the rib from the top surface of the cell where the attachment point is located [Figure C]. If the rib is damaged, then a rib repair will be needed.

  1.4 Usually the top skin of the cell will need to be repaired. Again, depending on the extent of the damage, either perform a patch on the panel or a partial panel replacement.


  2.1 After the top skin is repaired, a new reinforcement patch will need to be installed on the center of the cell so that it is centered over the attachment point.

  2.2 Take the pre-cut reinforcement panel and sew it in place with two rows of the single needle machine. The corners should be folded in at a 45 degree angle to eliminate any point loading on the corners [Figure D].

  2.3 Reattach the rib to the top surface of the canopy as per the original configuration.

  2.4 Install a new pilot chute attachment tape and ring at the appropriate location [Figure E].


  3.1 Check that rib and panel repairs have been made as needed.

  3.2 Verify the new top reinforcing panel is in place with two rows of single needle stitching.

  3.3 Check the new attachment tape and ring for the appropriate stitch pattern.

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