Note: The most common need for this type of repair today is as a result of the suspension line of the reserve being damaged during packing or occasionally during use after landing. The newer, lightweight braided lines are very susceptible to being snagged on the hook portion of VelcroŽ closures on the container if care is not taken by the rigger.


  1.1 Lay the canopy out on the packing table. Straighten the canopy ensuring the apex is straight and even tension on the lines.

  1.2 Remove the damaged line from the canopy.


  2.1 Cut a new line from the same material as the original approximately 36" longer than the damaged line.

  2.2 Pre-stretch the line by applying approximately 10 percent of its rated strength for a minimum of 15 minutes.

  2.3 Attach the line to the connector link in the same manner as the original. Most of the newer canopies use braided line and a finger-trap attachment technique [Figure A]. Zigzag or bar tack the line, whichever is appropriate.

  2.4 Run the free end of the line to the canopy. If the canopy utilizes a V-tab configuration, route the line through the V-tab [Figure B].

  2.5 Pull the V-tab down until it is even with the rest of the skirt. Mark the line at the edge of the skirt and pin in place [Figure C].

  2.6 Sew the line to the canopy with the zigzag machine duplicating the original manufacture [Figure D]. Trim the excess line from the canopy.

  2.7 Return the canopy to the packing table, straighten, and apply tension. Check the trim of the replaced line against the others.


  3.1 Verify the line length is the same as the original with the same tension.

  3.2 The connector link and canopy ends must be sewn correctly.


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