Note: The name VelcroŽ is a trade name for what is known as “pressure sensitive hook and loop fastener.” It is a commonly used material for closure systems. Before the advent of VelcroŽ, snaps and zippers were the preferred method of closing containers. VelcroŽ changed how the parachute industry designed products. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a tendency to overdo the use of VelcroŽ and problems with durability and interaction with other materials became known. Since then, the use of VelcroŽ has been reduced to those applications where it is superior to other methods and can be easily replaced.


  1.1 Identify the nature of the use of the VelcroŽ. Before you remove the piece, note how it is attached to the container. Some designs are such that several layers of construction have to be reversed to get to the location where the VelcroŽ was sewn on. If this is the case, the rigger may have to make a very expensive repair to replace a small piece of VelcroŽ.


  2.1 Cut the replacement VelcroŽ to size. VelcroŽ is normally scissor cut, not cut with a hot knife.

  2.2 Position the VelcroŽ and stitch around the perimeter at .12" from the edge. For any pieces 1" in width or wider, sew a row of stitching down the center [Figure A]. This prevents the center from being pulled up from the material and loading the outside row of stitching [Figure B].

  2.3 Some applications have the VelcroŽ sewn to a piece of tape for support. Again, if it is 1" or more wide, sew down the center to prevent lifting.

  2.4 Depending on the application, the mating loop piece of VelcroŽ may be wider than the hook to provide additional protection. That is, the hook may be .75" wide and the loop 1" wide.


  3.1 Check that thread tension is correct.

  3.2 Verify orientation is correct.

  3.3 Check that center stitching is used where needed.


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