Note: The following technique is typical of many modern container systems. This procedure addresses only the disassembly of the container and replacement of a factory made replacement part. It does not address the manufacture of a replacement part. Depending on the size of the container assembly, it may be possible to do the replacement of the BOC pocket with the reserve packed. However, the smaller the system, the more difficult it will be. If the container cannot be placed under the machine, then remove the reserve canopy.


  1.1 Mark the location of the corners of the BOC pocket on the container with a marking pencil.

  1.2 Open the lower right corner of the main container [Figure A].

  1.3 Remove the old BOC pocket.


  2.1 Locate the new BOC pocket on the container at the marks of the old pocket and pin in place with T-pins [Figure B].

  2.2 Stitch around the perimeter of the pocket with the single needle machine. Backstitch at the corners for reinforcing [Figure C].

  2.3 Restitch the corner of the main container as per the original configuration.


  3.1 Check the orientation of the pocket with the opening to the right (unless for left-handed deployment).

  3.2 Check the stitching and corner reinforcing.


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