1.1 Depending on the configuration, it may be necessary to remove the ripcord housing from its attachment point on the harness for access to the pocket. If the harness is attached to the backpad, disconnect this as well.

  1.2 Remove the E thread stitch pattern that forms the pocket on the main lift web (MLW) [Figure A].

  1.3 Mark the ends of the old VelcroŽ and remove from the inside of the webbing. Note which side of the webbing the hook and loop are located. 2.0 REASSEMBLY:

  2.1 Cut the replacement VelcroŽ to the correct length.

  2.2 Glue the VelcroŽ pieces to their respective locations on the inside of the webbing.

  2.3 Using the single needle machine, sew around the perimeter of the VelcroŽ as well as a row of stitching down the center [Figure B]. Repeat for the opposite side.

  2.4 Resew the pocket with two rows of single needle stitching with E thread [Figure C].

  2.5 Reattach the harness to the backpad.

  2.6 Reinstall the ripcord housing to the harness.


  3.1 Verify the correct orientation of the VelcroŽ in the pocket.

  3.2 The correct stitch pattern must be used for the VelcroŽ.

  3.3 Verify the ripcord pocket is resewn.

  3.4 The backpad must be reattached (if needed).

  3.5 The ripcord housing must be reinstalled.



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