1.1 Mark the locking loop at the bottom edge of the confluence wrap [Figure A].

  1.2 Place a mark at the bottom of the confluence wrap and carefully remove the confluence wrap from the riser.

  1.3 Remove the old locking loop.


  2.1 Cut a new loop the length of the old one plus 2.00".

  2.2 Fold the new loop in half and lay alongside the old loop. Transfer the marks from the old loop to the new one [Figure B].

  2.3 Align the marks on the loop with the mark at the bottom of the confluence wrap on the riser [Figure C]. Glue the loop in place.

  2.4 Sew the loop with the 308 zigzag machine [Figure D]. Set the stitch width at approximately 1/8" and 10 SPI.

  2.5 Trim the excess loop off at the top [Figure E].

  2.6 Reinstall the confluence wrap using the harness machine [Figure F].


  3.1 Before installing the confluence wrap, make sure the zigzag stitching is complete.

  3.2 The loop length should be the same as the old loop.

  3.3 The confluence wrap must be reinstalled.


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