Note: Most reserve free bag designs are fairly robust. The most common types of damage seen are the pulling out of the grommets in the tongue of the bag [Figure A] and tearing out of fabric from the binding tape due to overstressing during packing. Damage to the bridle portion of the free bag is generally not repairable nor allowed by most manufacturers. Consequently, any damage in this area would necessitate the replacement of the bag. The following procedure deals with the repair of the tongue area and replacement of the grommets.


  1.1 Remove the grommets from the tongue [Figure B].

  1.2 Remove the binding from the tongue area by unpicking the stitching [Figure C].


  2.1 Cut two pieces of 1 1/2" Ty-3 tape and overlay them on each side of the damaged area. Sew around the edges of the tape and down the center to secure it [Figure D].

  2.2 Trim the ends of the tape to match the shape of the tongue.

  2.3 Using the single needle machine, reapply the binding tape around the edge of the tongue [Figure E].

  2.4 Punch new holes over the exact position as the original ones [Figure F].

  2.5 Insert new grommets [Figure G].


  3.1 Reinforcing tape must be secure.

  3.2 Binding must be resewn.

  3.3 Grommets must be set and secure.

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