Note: Most repairs of the main pilot chute consist of fabric or mesh repairs and may be repaired similar to canopy procedures. The most common damage seen on main pilot chutes is in the area of the apex and the hand deploy handle [Figure A]. This area is subject to fairly severe stress and strain. The following procedure deals with the apex area repair. It should be noted that if the repair is too complex, itís probably more cost effective to replace rather than repair the pilot chute.


 1.1 Working through the hole in the base, turn the pilot chute inside out. Unpick the seam at the junction of the canopy and mesh and between two of the radial tapes [Figure B]. This will allow good access to the apex area.


 2.1 Take a piece of 3/4" Ty-3 tape and overlay the reinforcing material at the apex, covering the damaged area [Figure C].

 2.2 Resew the canopy and mesh panels as per the original. Turn the pilot chute right side out.


 3.1 Damaged area must be covered.

 3.2 Canopy seam must be restitched correctly.

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