Note: Resizing of a harness is usually considered an alteration. However, because of the simplicity of the procedure, most manufacturers do not object to a qualified master rigger performing the procedure. It would be wise, however, for the rigger to contact the manufacturer for permission before undertaking the procedure. The following procedure is shown on a VoodooTM system.


  1.1 Measure the main lift web to check if the harness is even.

  1.2 Remove the ripcord pocket/MLW cover [Figure A].

  1.3 Measure the lower MLW [Figure B].

  1.4 Remove the lower MLW [Figure C].


  2.1 Measure the webbing for the lower main lift web [Figure D].

  2.2 Zigzag the bowtie folds as marked including the Ty-4 buffers [Figure E].

  2.3 Glue the MLW in place. Make sure that the open end of the webbing is on the rear and oriented up towards the chest strap.

  2.4 Mark the stitch pattern on the MLW and sew with the harness machine. Use a 3" W-W pattern at the top as shown in Figure F. Include a box pattern on the lower section of the MLW.

  2.5 Reattach the ripcord pocket/MLW cover [Figure G].


  3.1 Check that the new harness dimensions are correct and symmetrical.

  3.2 Verify the harness stitching is correct for SPI and tension.

  3.3 The ripcord pocket/MLW cover must be reattached.

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