Note: The following procedure is representative of a typical installation of the CYPRES® AAD into a modern 1-pin reserve container system. While providing guidance for this operation, it is imperative that the rigger possesses the proper instructions from both the harness-container manufacturer and the AAD manufacturer.


  1.1 Open the right side corner of the reserve container [Figure A]. While this might not be needed on some size containers, it generally makes the installation of the pocket easier and it’s not that hard to close the corner back up.


  2.1 Mark the center of the container wall at the bottom [Figure B].

  2.2 Mark the center of the Spandex® portion of the CYPRES® pocket [Figure C]. Do not mark the center of the entire pocket. The Spandex® must be centered on the wall to allow for the correct positioning of the CYPRES® processing unit.

  2.3 Align the marks and the pocket as close to the bottom of the wall as possible [Figure D].

  2.4 Sew around the pocket with the single needle machine. Backstitch .5" at each of the corners for reinforcing.

  2.5 Next, install or create a cable channel for the control cable. Some systems such as the one shown, can be modified to provide the channel. Others need to use the adhesive backed channel provided with the CYPRES® kit.


  2.6.1 Mark the bottom and top of the pack tray cover as shown [Figure E]. Place a hand tack at the A position. Unpick the stitching between the corner bar tack and the hand tack at the A position. Also, unpick the stitching between the B bar tacks.

  2.6.2 There is now a built-in channel to slide the control cable thru and stow the excess cable as well [Figure F].


  2.7.1 Measure the distance along the long axis of the reserve container from the bottom of the pocket location to the top of the container near the planned location for the control unit [Figure G].

  2.7.2 Cut a piece of the adhesive backed channel to the same length. Remove the adhesive covering and position the channel in place. Roll the channel with the wallpaper roller to secure the adhesive.

  2.8 Locate the position for the control pocket. Unpick the stitching that holds the main container to the backpad [Figure H].

  2.9 Insert the pocket with the mouth towards the channel opening and restitch the container to the backpad [Figure J]. Make sure the control head will fit into the pocket.

2.10 CUTTER CHANNEL AND ELASTIC INSTALLATION. The location of the cutter will be specified by the container manufacturer’s instructions and should be strictly adhered to. The following location is specified for the Talon system.

  2.10.1 Lay the CYPRES® unit on the pocket and route the cutter/cable assembly out the top of the pocket and in as direct a line to the side flap as possible. It will be necessary to cut a hole in the bottom launching flap to access the side flap.

  2.10.2 Where the cable will pass through the bottom launching flap as close to the wall as possible, place a line approximately .5" long [Figure K]. Take the hot knife and cut a single slit the length of the mark. DO NOT CUT ANY OTHER MATERIAL!

  2.10.3 Route the cable thru the slit and then along the side flap as shown [Figure L].

  2.10.4 Place marks along the binding showing the start and finish locations for the cable channel. Again, the rigger can use the adhesive backed channel or make a channel out of the Spandex® material as shown [Figure M].

  2.10.5 Route the cutter thru the channel and out the end nearest the side flap grommet.

  2.10.6 Slide the cutter elastic over the cutter and position the cutter over the grommet with the hole to the outside of the grommet and the elastic facing inwards on the flap. Mark the corners of the cutter as shown [Figure N].

  2.10.7 Remove the CYPRES® from the container completely. Position the elastic sleeve to the marks and sew in place with the zigzag machine [Figure O].

  2.11 Re-close the corner of the reserve container as per the original.






  3.1 Verify the CYPRES® pocket is sewn with the Spandex® pocket centered on the wall.

  3.2 Control cable channel must be installed.

  3.3 Control unit pocket must be installed.

  3.4 Cutter cable channel must be installed.

  3.5 Cutter elastic must be installed.

  3.6 Verify the reserve container corner is closed, as necessary.

  3.7 Check the fit of CYPRES® in the entire installation.

  3.8 Log installation data on the packing data card. Remember, this is an alteration.


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