CHAPTER 1. Introduction To Weight-Shift Control

Medical Summary

Before approaching the WSC aircraft, a pilot must take a moment to refl ect upon current medical, physical, and psychological conditions. During this time, a pilot should evaluate his or her ability to conduct the fl ight considering self, passenger, and people and property on the ground. Using the “I’M SAFE” checklist is a smart way to start a prefl ight before getting to the WSC aircraft. Prior to fl ight, assess overall fi tness as well as the aircraft’s airworthiness. [Figure 1-22]

Chapter Summary

This chapter provides basic knowledge that is essential for WSC pilots and should serve as a starting point for them. However, there are many other handbooks, advisories, and regulations with which all WSC pilots should become familiar as their maturity within the aeronautical realm increases and/or the need for greater depth of understanding becomes necessary due to location, temperature, altitude, etc.

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