CHAPTER 1. Introduction To Weight-Shift Control

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

To address the evolution of the ultralight vehicle and its community of sport users, the FAA issued new rules on September 1, 2004. These rules created a new category of LSA and a new classifi cation of FAA pilot certifi cation to fl y LSA, called Sport Pilot. Additional guidelines established by the FAA can be found in 14 CFR part 61. [Figure 1-12] This handbook focuses on the WSC aircraft.

Aircraft certifi cated as LSA exceed the limitations defi ned for ultralight vehicles and require that the pilot possess, at a minimum, a Sport Pilot certifi cate. The sport pilot rule defi nes the limitations and privileges for both the sport pilot and the LSA. In addition, the regulations governing the sport pilot rule defi ne the training requirements of prospective sport pilots and the airworthiness requirements for their machines. For instance, an ultralight vehicle must not exceed 254 pounds or carry more than one person. Aircraft that carry more than one person and weigh over 254 pounds but less than 1,320 pounds may be certifi ed as LSA provided they meet specifi c certifi cation requirements. Therefore, many WSC ultralight vehicles became LSA (provided they were properly inspected and issued an airworthiness certifi cate by the FAA).

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