CHAPTER 11. Approaches and Landings

90° Power-Off Approach

The 90° power-off approach is made from a base leg and requires only a 90° turn onto the fi nal approach. The approach path may be varied by positioning the base leg closer to or farther away from the approach end of the runway according to wind conditions. [Figure 11-31] The glide from the key position on the base leg through the 90° turn to the fi nal approach is the fi nal part of all accuracy landing maneuvers. Steep approach procedures may be used during the fi nal approach if needed.

The 90° power-off approach usually begins from a rectangular pattern below normal pattern altitude as long as this point is above 500 feet AGL. The before-landing checklist should be completed on the downwind leg.

After a medium-banked turn onto the base leg is completed and key position obtained, the throttle should be completely reduced to idle and the airspeed set to approach speed. [Figure 11-32] At this position, the intended landing spot appears to be on a 45° angle from the aircraft’s nose.

The pilot can determine the strength and direction of the wind from the amount of crab necessary to hold the desired ground track on the base leg. This helps in planning the turn onto the fi nal approach. The base-to-fi nal turn should be planned and accomplished so that upon rolling out of the turn the aircraft is aligned with the runway centerline. Slight adjustments in pitch attitude may be necessary to control the glide angle and airspeed. However, never try to stretch the glide to reach the desired landing spot. After the fi nal approach glide has been established, full attention is given to making a good, safe landing rather than concentrating on the selected landing spot. In any event, it is better to execute a good landing 200 feet from the spot than to make a poor landing precisely on the spot.

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