CHAPTER 13. Abnormal and Emergency Procedures

Throughout this chapter, all abnormal and emergency decisions should be based on ADM. Some situations allow more time than others to evaluate the outcome. ADM should be applied to any unplanned or unexpected situation presented.

In addition to ADM, the key to any emergency situation, and/or preventing a abnormal situation from progressing to a true emergency is a thorough familiarity with, and adherence to, the procedures developed by the manufacturer and contained in the Aircraft Flight Manual and/or Pilot’s Operating Handbook (AFM/POH). The following guidelines are generic and not meant to replace the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. Rather, they are meant to enhance the pilot’s general knowledge in the area of abnormal and emergency operations. If any of the guidance in this chapter confl icts with the manufacturer’s recommended procedures for a particular make and model weight-shift control (WSC) aircraft, the manufacturer’s recommended procedures take precedence.

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