CHAPTER 3. Components and Systems


The wing keel is like that of a boat keel, the center of the wing, fore and aft. It attaches to the leading edges at the nose plate and performs a number of important functions. It is the structure where the carriage attaches to the wing, and it is the wing structure that connects the center section of the sail at the “keel pocket” (discussed later in this chapter in the sail section). The control frame and king post (if so equipped) also attaches to the keel. It also provides structure for the upper and lower wires (if so equipped) and a reference or anchor for the crossbar which needs some movement in relation to the keel for roll control.

The keel is rigid and is not designed to fl ex nor is it highly stressed like the leading edges except where the under carriage attaches to the wing. Sleeving is normally added to strengthen this middle area as well at the nose attachment and rear cable attachments.

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