CHAPTER 4. Powerplants

Chapter Summary

Powerplants are generally classifi ed by:

  • Number of piston strokes needed to complete a cycle—two strokes or four strokes.
  • Method of cooling—liquid or air.

Exhaust systems route the exhaust gases from the cylinders out to the atmosphere. Two-stroke engines require tuned exhaust systems matched to the specifi c engine for proper operation.

Engines must be warmed up properly or engine damage and seizure can result. Gearboxes reduce the engine rpm to a usable propeller rpm. Induction systems mix gas and air for cylinders and must be properly adjusted for different altitudes.

Typical aircraft ignition systems are separate from the electrical systems and typically have two separate ignition systems. Aircraft ignition systems are composed of a magneto/generator, control box, high voltage wires, spark plugs, and ignition switches. Automotive engines typically run the ignition system off the battery.

Proper combustion is a result of proper mixture and good fuel. Good fuel management and proper engine cooling are important considerations for reliable engine operation.

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