CHAPTER 5. Prefl ight and Ground Operations

Taking Down the WSC Aircraft

Find a suitable area to take down the wing, preferably grass, cement, or pavement out of the wind. The best place is in a large hangar so no wind gusts can affect the takedown. If outside, align the wing perpendicular to the wind.

It is important to note that during the take down process, all protective pads must be put in the proper place so that no hardware can rub against the sail or frame during transport. The POH should specify what pads go where. Overall, pad everything along the wing keel plus the kingpost to prevent cosmetic and/or structural damage occurring during transport.

Taking down a WSC aircraft is done in the reverse order of assembly with the following additional steps provided to get the wing neatly packed and organized into the bag. After the wing is detensioned and the battens have been removed from the wing, keep the right and left battens separate for easier sorting during the next assembly.

Carefully bring the wings in towards the keel and pull the sail material out and over the top of the leading edges. Lower the kingpost and pad it top and bottom. This is also the time to pad the area underneath where the control frame is attached to the keel and where the wires are attached to the rear of the keel. [Figure 5-34] Bring the leading edges to the keel and keep the sail pulled out over the top of the leading edge, roll it up, and tuck the sail into the leading edge stiffener. Fasten around the leading edge with sail ties. [Figure 5-35] It is best to take one sail tie and secure the two leading edges together so it fits into the bag. [Figure 5-36] Continue with the reverse order (bag on, flip wing over, and disassemble control frame at downtube and control bar junction). After the control frame is disassembled and laid flat along the wing as shown, the wires are not organized. [Figure 5-37] Pull the cables forward towards the nose and organize them so they are straight. Install the protective control frame pads and carefully zip up the bag while tucking everything in so there is no stress on the zipper. [Figure 5-38]

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