CHAPTER 5. Prefl ight and Ground Operations

Carriage Inspection

Inspect the mast from the top to the bottom and the carriage keel from the back to the front. [Figure 5-49] Check the front tube attachment and top and bottom security attachments. Check the seat security and seat attachments from the keel to the mast.

Check the front nose wheel for proper play, tire infl ation, and secure axle bolt. Test the ground steering bar and ensure there is smooth steering range of motion. Check the front shocks, if installed, the brakes for rust and corrosion, loose nuts/bolts, alignment, cracks, signs of hydraulic fl uid leakage, and hydraulic line security and abrasion, if so equipped. [Figure 5-50] Check the foot throttle for smooth operation and assure the parking brake is secured.

Inspect the main landing gear drag struts, attachment to the keel, and attachment to the rear wheels. Examine the rear tires for proper infl ation and tread plus the wheel attachment nut for security. Check main landing gear strut, landing gear shock absorber strut, and shock absorber operation. [Figure 5-51] Inspect all landing gear strut attachments to the airframe. Inspect the other side’s rear landing gear by repeating the above procedure in reverse. Check all cowling for secure attachment and cracks. [Figure 5-52]

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