CHAPTER 5. Prefl ight and Ground Operations

Powerplant Inspection

Inspect engine attachment to the carriage for security and cracks. In addition to looking at the bolts and mounts, shake the propeller, as shown in Figure 5-53, to provide a secure check of the propeller, gearbox, engine, and engine attachment to the carriage.

Fuel System

  • Inspect fuel tank attachment and condition.
  • Inspect fuel vent system, and ensure the fuel supply line is open (some WSC aircraft have fuel shut off valves outside the fuel tank).
  • Inspect fuel pickup and fuel line running up to fuel fi lter. While inspecting all fuel lines, jiggle all fi ttings and connections to ensure they are secure.
  • Inspect fuel fi lter and continue to follow fuel line up to fuel pump.
  • Inspect the security and condition of fuel pump.
  • Inspect fuel lines up to carburetors. [Figure 5-54]

Induction System

  • Inspect carburetors, including fl oat bowl attachment and rubber bushing from carburetors into engine.
  • Inspect fuel lines from fl oat bowls to carburetor inlet.
  • Inspect air inlet fi lter to ensure it is clean and secure. [Figure 5-55]

Ignition System

  • Inspect ignition system wires to spark plugs.
  • Inspect spark plug caps and wires to CDI units to ensure they are secure and fastened. [Figure 5-56]
  • Ensure ignition switches are turned off.
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