CHAPTER 5. Prefl ight and Ground Operations


A four-stroke engine’s oil level should be checked during each prefl ight and rechecked with each refueling. Fourstroke engines can be expected to consume a small amount of oil during normal operation. If consumption grows or suddenly changes, qualifi ed maintenance personnel should investigate.

If the Rotax 912 oil level is low when the oil is checked, rotate the propeller in the correct direction (counterclockwise, facing it) to pump any oil from the engine back into the oil tank for a proper measurement and recheck oil level before adding oil. [Figure 5-60]

Check the reservoir level of two-stroke engines with oil injection at each gas fi ll-up. It is also very important to ensure the oil reservoir has clear air vent holes to allow continuous fl ow of oil to lubricate the engine. Always use the same type of oil because different types of oil harden and stop the oil injection process, resulting in a seized engine. Additionally, check to see if the oil injection system lines from the tank to the carburetors are clean and secure. Some two-stroke engines have a separate lubrication system for the inlet rotary valve; this system should be checked for proper level and leaks. [Figure 5-61] When adding fuel and oil, ensure that the caps has been securely replaced.

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