CHAPTER 5. Prefl ight and Ground Operations

Checklist for Taxi

Plan taxi path to runway to avoid paths that would put the aircraft behind any propeller or jet blast. Observe other aircraft closely which could start up and taxi in front, if practical.

  • Turn on strobe light (if applicable).
  • Release brake.
  • When fi rst rolling, immediately check brakes, steering, and shut down if either is not functioning properly.
  • Observe proper right of way while taxiing.

- Taxiing aircraft yield to landing aircraft, so landing craft have right of way over taxiing aircraft.

- Two aircraft approaching head on will turn right (similar to what is done in a car).

- Two aircraft traveling in same direction, the forward aircraft has right of way because its pilot can not normally see the aircraft in back.

- With two airplanes converging, the pilot who sees an aircraft on the right must avoid that aircraft. The aircraft on the right has the right of way.

  • Runway incursions—observe all taxiway and runway markings.

Runway incursions are a signifi cant risk and must be avoided. This is a most important concept. Taxi slowly and observe the basic airport markings/signs. Clearance to proceed must be obtained prior to taxiing across any runway or entering a runway to takeoff. There could be large aircraft, which may not be able to respond to WSC aircraft quick movements. An important runway marker is the “Hold Short Line.” Always stop before reaching this line and get clearance before crossing it. [Figure 5-66]

  • At a towered airport, this is clearance from the tower. Always read back tower instructions clearance when received from tower before proceeding.
  • At a nontowered airport, the clearance procedure is to listen to and monitor all air traffi c on the airport radio frequency. Observe all air traffi c taxiing and in the pattern. After listening on the radio and observing all possible traffi c, announce position and intentions before crossing runway or entering runway. If crossing runway, announce once you have taxied across that you are clear of runway.
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