CHAPTER 6. Flight Manuevers

Trim Control

The use of trim systems relieves the pilot of the requirement to exert pressures for the desired fl ight condition. An improperly trimmed aircraft requires constant control pressures, produces pilot tension and fatigue, distracts the pilot from scanning, and contributes to abrupt and erratic aircraft control.

Most WSC aircraft have a ground adjustable pitch/speed trim system that adjusts the carriage hang point on the wing keel that is set for the desired speed. Some WSC aircraft have additional pitch control systems that can adjust the trim speed in fl ight as described in Chapter 3, Components and Systems.

There is no yaw trim but the roll trim is usually adjusted on the ground for a wing that has a turn in it. Roll trim is usually adjusted so the wing fl ies straight in cruise fl ight. This is a balance between the full power torque of the engine wanting to turn it in one direction and minimum power when the WSC aircraft is in a glide. WSC pilots usually have to exert some pilot roll input for high power engines at full power climb to fl y straight because of the engine turning effect.

Level Turns

A turn is made by banking the wings in the direction of the desired turn. A specifi c angle of bank is selected by the pilot, control pressures are applied to achieve the desired bank angle, and appropriate control pressures are exerted to maintain the desired bank angle once it is established.

Banking is performed with the following steps [Figure 6-9]:

Entering a Turn

A. Straight fl ight

B. Pilot applies sideways pressure to the control bar shifting the weight towards the direction of the desired turn initiating the bank.

C. Turn is established and maintained by moving the control bar back to the center position.

Exiting a Turn

D. Pilot is maintaining stabilized bank and a resultant turn.

E. Pilot shifts weight to opposite side to initiate exit out of the turn.

F. Straight fl ight is established and maintained by moving the control bar back to the center position.

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