CHAPTER 7. Takeoff and Departure Climbs

Short Field Takeoff and Steepest Angle Climb

Takeoffs and climbs from fi elds in which the takeoff area is short or the available takeoff area is restricted by obstructions require the pilot to operate the WSC aircraft at the limit of its takeoff performance capabilities. To depart from such an area safely, the pilot must exercise positive and precise control of attitude and airspeed so that takeoff and climb performance results in the shortest ground roll and the steepest angle of climb.

The achieved result should be consistent with the performance section of the AFM/POH. In all cases, the power setting, trim setting, airspeed, and procedures prescribed by the manufacturer should be followed.

In order to accomplish a short fi eld takeoff and steepest angle climb safely, the pilot must have adequate knowledge in the use and effectiveness of the best angle-of-climb (VX) speed and the best rate-of-climb (VY) speed for the specifi c make and model of WSC aircraft being fl own.

The speed for VX is that which results in the greatest gain in altitude for a given distance over the ground. VX is usually less than VY but greater than minimum controlled airspeed. It should be noted that this maneuver is not performed in normal situations. Flying at VX speed close to the ground in gusty winds can result in a stall with catastrophic consequences.

If clearing an obstacle is questionable, the WSC aircraft should be packed up and trailered away. If a pilot decides to perform a short fi eld takeoff, then a number of factors can be optimized to contribute to a short fi eld takeoff such as leaving your passenger and/or baggage in the area, waiting for favorable winds or lower density altitude, and picking the longest runway path with the shortest obstacle to clear.

However, if a short fi eld takeoff is going to be performed and all possible factors have been optimized, the following procedure is provided. The procedure is similar to the normal takeoff but the following additional procedure is used for this maneuver.

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