CHAPTER 8. The National Airspace System

This handbook departs from the conventional norm, in that the airspace discussions are presented in reverse order, in the belief that it is much easier to learn the airspace from least complicated to most complicated; also, the information presented for basic visual fl ight rules (VFR) weather minimums is only that necessary for weight-shift control (WSC) aircraft operations.

The two categories of airspace are regulatory and nonregulatory. Within these two categories, there are four types: uncontrolled, controlled, special use, and other airspace.

Airspace is charted on sectional charts as shown in the some examples for the specifi c airspaces on the chapter. The specific airspace symbols are shown on the legend for each sectional chart. [Figure 8-1] The WSC aircraft pilot should study and refer to the specifi cs of the AIM; FAA-H-8083- 25, Pilotís Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge; and Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91 for additional information regarding airspace and operations within that airspace.

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