CHAPTER 8. The National Airspace System

Alert Areas

Alert areas are depicted on sectional charts with an “A” followed by a number (e.g., “A-211” as in Figure 8-16) to inform nonparticipating pilots of areas that may contain a high volume of pilot training or an unusual type of aerial activity. Pilots should be particularly alert when fl ying in these areas. All activity within an alert area shall be conducted in accordance with regulations, without waiver. Pilots of participating aircraft, as well as pilots transiting the area, shall be equally responsible for collision avoidance.

Controlled Firing Areas

Controlled fi ring areas contain military activities, which, if not conducted in a controlled environment, could be hazardous to nonparticipating aircraft. The difference between controlled fi ring areas and other special use airspace is that activities must be suspended when a spotter aircraft, radar, or ground lookout position indicates an aircraft might be approaching the area.

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