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In 1895 E.S.Fedorov came up with project of the 5-plane powered aircraft. First, he tested a model. It was not powered, but flown on a leash as a kit. In 1896 he started to build full size aircraft on his own money. By general layout aircraft may be called 'single-seat 5-plane tandem'. Wings (dubbed 'feathers' by designer) were installed on the tilted (300) strut. Pilot's seat and engine were installed under the strut. Aircraft had no ether fin or rudder, control should be performed by twisting the wings. Construction lasted until 1903, aircraft was finished - but not tested. It was the second full-size powered aircraft to be built in Russia. E.S.Fedorov could be unaware of A.F.Mozhajskij experiments. As a result, after very advanced layout of 'Samoliot Mozhajskogo' several primitive designs appeared. 5-plane was not an exception. 

Technical data
Type 5-plane
Function experimental
Year 1903
Crew 1
Engines 1*10hp Bushet
Length 6.0m
Wingspan 6.5m
Wing area 26m2
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