The Wright Brothers "Men of Genius"


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"Men of Genius"         

"It is therefore incontestably the Wright brothers alone who resolved, in its entirety, the problem of human mechanical flight. Men of genius-erudite, exact in their reasoning, hard workers, outstanding experimenters, and unselfish They changed the face of the globe."  by Charles Dollfus This is Orville Wright's own account of the world's first powered, sustained and controlled flight.

The article was published ten years after the Wright brothers had made that first flight, appearing in the December 1913 issue of the American aviation journal, Flying and The Aero Club of America Bulletin. Because of the significance this primary account of the events and activities surrounding that epochal achievement, it reprinted in its entirety.  


Orville Wright (1871-1948)

Wilbur Wright  (1867-1912)

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