History of Early Hispanic Pilots Jorge Chávez Dartnell
Jorge Chávez Dartnell

Born in Paris the 13 from June from 1887 and is registered in the Peruvian consulate. Its parents well-off Peruvian banker Manuel Gaspar Chavez and distinguished lady Pink Maria Dartnell and Guisse, emigrarón to France in 1884 after the war with Chile. To the death of their father he and his brother inherits a considerable fortune, reason to take a life of comforts. In his youth he honored like sportsman and athlete, to the 21 years obtains the engineer diploma, after study in the school of Violet de Electricidad and Industrial Mecánica of Paris.

Its liking by aviation is encouraged by the flight of Luis Bleriot on the English Channel in 1909, after this becomes mechanic and motorist of Paulhan to be able to have all the technical knowledge, to be able to begin to its aerial instruction. In February of 1910 it enters the Farman school, where the 28 of that month realise in a Farman biplane the first flight of their life staying in the air 1 hour 42 seconds, after this obtains his international heading of pilot.

It participates in several contests of height, in the one of Biarritz it is classified second and in the one of Roun the first place is adjudged. In 1910 July its contract with Farman finishes and enters treatments with Bleriot. The 3 of August of that year, participate in the “English Circuit” in Blackpool, where winner of the height record rising to 1.755 devotes itself mts. in a Farman biplane. After the record of Drexela of 2.052 mts. one thinks that the passage of the Alps could be tried, the 18 of August, Chávez register in the raid Briga-Milan, the passage of the Alps.

The 8 of Chávez September mts breaks the record of height when rising to 2.680. on ISSY in their Bleriot monoplane, the 19 of September realise a test. Even though that the conditions were not favorable, part of brigge rising in spiral to gain altitude, soon goes towards the snow-covered Aletsch, after surpassing goes it towards Ospizio to a height of 2.000 meters, going on Simplón furrowing the Tunnetsch, the fort wind makes give a jump him of about 50 meters, then an eddy makes him lose the control of the apparatus, nevertheless in a concerted effort it manages to leave the eddy and to all machine it lands in Brigge.


The 23 of September to 11 a.m. realises a trip of two hours by the neck of simplón, when returning is prepared to realise the passage, helped by the mechanic and his to manager Arthur Duray. Chavez places its monoplane Bleriot XI-I in the departure field to the 13:28 hours initiates its huge flight, takes height and it moves away towards the Aletsch glacier, after about 300 minutes happens to mts, of the summit of the Simplón, overcome this flies on Ospizio to a 1.000 height of mts. soon surpassing the snow-covered tips it disappears in the direction of Domodosola.

It flies on the Monscera, to the violence of the wind and their eddies threaten the apparatus, when occurring account that will not be able to overcome these elements lines up towards the valley of the Gondo surpassing the Pioltone tip descends on Domodosola, but lacking to 20 mts for the landing the wings of their monoplane became broken and the apparatus hurried of nose and I am destroyed, being seriously wounded the pilot. During 3 days it agonized in the hospital of San Biaggio, where it dies the 27 of September of 1910. Their last words were: “Above always above”.

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