History Of Braniff Airlines





History Of Braniff Airlines 


In 1931, the Texas based, Braniff Airlines opened its doors and began flying mail and passengers. In 1952, Braniff purchased Mid-Continental Airlines which allowed them to further expand its passenger routes. In the 1960's, Braniff ran into major difficulties meeting passenger needs and expectation.

This was due to the airline not keeping up with its aging propped aircraft, not purchasing new jet aircraft and poor customer service. Braniff was known for canceling flights and its flight not being on time. 

In 1965, Braniff under went a management change with the appointment with a new president, a cosmetic and modernizing change of their aircraft, terminals and the dress clothing of their flight attendants. Braniff also made great strides in improving their customer service.

Braniff initiated a new marketing approach. Braniff would purchase new jets and its color scheme included seven solid pastel colors. The marketing approach was in part based around it colors. This approach to along with improved customer service brought Braniff back in the drivers seat. In 1967, Braniff purchased Panagra Airlines. 

By the mid 70's, Braniff Airlines had increased their air passenger miles by 40 percent. In 1978, the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, was passed. This act allowed the airlines to pick and choose passenger routes as well expand their routes. Braniff as with most of the carriers took advantage of this act.

Braniff took on several new heavier traveled routes. The airline purchased new jet aircraft's, opened  new terminals and its payroll increased 25 percent. The Airlines Deregulation Act brought about a price war between the airlines competing for passenger dollars.

Braniff had great difficulty competing in these price wars do to its its capital investments. This resulted in lossed passenger revenue and in in May of 1982, Braniff declared bankruptcy and closed its doors.

In 1984, Braniff reopened and in 1988, Braniff merged with Florida Express. In 1990, Braniff once again had to close its door. In 1992, Braniff gave it another shot. However, they were unsuccessful and again closed its doors in 1993. 



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