Bell UH-13J "Sioux"



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Bell UH-13J "Sioux"







The UH-13J was the Air Force's version of the Bell commercial model 47J Ranger helicopter. Two UH-13Js were purchased in March 1957 for use as the first Presidential helicopters. On July 13, President Eisenhower became the first Chief Executive to fly in a helicopter when he took off from the White House lawn in the sister ship of the Sioux on display. On March 1, 1962, following their assignment as Presidential aircraft, the two UH-13Js were assigned to Bolling Air Force Base on the outskirts of Washington. For the next five years they were used to carry high-ranking Department of Defense personnel and numerous foreign dignitaries. In July 1967, they were retired from service, one going to the Smithsonian Institution and the other to the U.S. Air Force Museum.


Main rotor diameter: 37 ft. 2 in.

Tail rotor diameter: 5 ft. 10 in.

Overall length: 43 ft. 4 in.

Height: 9 ft. 4 in.

Weight: 2,800 lbs loaded

Armament: None

Engine: Lycoming O-435 of 240 hp.

Cost: $65,000


Maximum speed: 105 mph.

Cruising speed: 100 mph.

Range: 300 miles

Service Ceiling: 17,000 ft.