Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT. Final rule.

SUMMARY: This rule requires certain commuter operators that now conduct operations under part 135 to conduct those operations under part 121. The commuter operators affected are those conducting scheduled passenger-carrying operations in airplanes that have passenger-seating configurations of 10 to 30 seats (excluding any crewmember seat) and those conducting scheduled passenger-carrying operations in turbojet airplanes regardless of seating configuration.

The rule revises the requirements concerning operating certificates and operations specifications for all part 121, 125, and 135 certificate holders. The rule also requires certain management officials for all certificate holders under parts 121 and 135. The rule is intended to increase safety in scheduled passenger-carrying operations and to clarify, update, and consolidate the certification and operations requirements for persons who transport passengers or property by air for compensation or hire.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 19, 1996

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