VI.A.15 Subpart V - Records and Reports

Subpart V prescribes requirements for the preparation and

maintenance of records and reports for all certificate holders

operating under part 121. Although many of the requirements are

identical to or similar to the recordkeeping requirements in

§§ 135.63 and 135.65, part 121 requires additional information,

including new records and reports. Notice 95-5 proposed that affected

commuters comply with the recordkeeping requirements of part 121.

Comments: Jetstream supports the application of subpart V to

affected commuter operations.

RAA and ASA point out that § 121.715 on in-flight medical

emergency reports is an obsolete requirement that should be

eliminated. These commenters also contend that § 121.711 on retention

of communication records would require affected commuters to record

each enroute radio contact and keep the record for 30 days. According

to these commenters, recent interpretations of this requirement have

caused some certificate holders to establish elaborate recording

systems. The commenters question the need for these records and

suggest that the requirement be eliminated if it no longer serves a

useful purpose.

FAA Response: The FAA agrees with commenters that

§ 121.715, relating to inflight medical emergencies, is obsolete and

it has been deleted in the final rule. The commenters are correct

that § 121.711 requires certificate holders to record each en route

radio contact and keep the record for 30 days. This requirement is

necessary for all certificate holders and has been retained in the

final rule.