About Our Organization, List of Authors And Contact Information <



About Our Organization, List of Authors And Contact Information


Alan Murphy, Publisher
Joshua Newcomb,

Editorial Director

Carmen Fabio,


David Dawson, Features Editor
Joshua Newcomb, Business Editor
Anthony Grullon, News Audio Editor


Daniel Baxter Columnist
Jim  Douglas Columnist
Bill Goldston Columnist
Daniel Guevarra Columnist
Steve Hall Columnist
Justin Lanigan Columnist
Eddy Metcalf Columnist
Mike Mitchell Columnist
Shane Nolan Columnist


George McCleary, Director Of Advertising
Oscar Leon, Sales
Robert Anthony, Sales
Eliva Hernansez, Sales
Alicia Coleman, Ad Coordinator


James Douglas IT

Back in the 90ís there were less than a handful of aviation organizations that provided information on the internet.  The majority of those sites provided abstract or trivial information as it related to technology, resources, history, and the latest aviation news.

As the internet increasingly became an important tool for gathering information, we recognized that the aviation community was searching the net for information and was not satisfied with their search results.

We decided to put together an organization (AvStop) that would include pilots, aircraft mechanics, business owners in the field, students and others in an effort to bring  together a website that would provide needed information for the aviation community. As well, assist educational institutions and organizations with the recruitment and retention of young people into the fields of aviation.

At AvStop we have on staff several writers and editors that on each day write stories and report up to date news in our ongoing effort to achieve this goal.

AvStop reaches out to the FAA, NTSB, the aviation industry, flight schools and other aviation organizations allowing us the ability to bring to our readers current and accurate aviation news, events, and stories of interests.

Each day readers from around the world visit our website to obtain the latest news, read our books online, students research our aviation history files, aircraft mechanics honing up on their skills, student pilots research our medical and legal information, etc. Our news stories, reading materials, etc. can be found cited on numerous websites, magazines and books within the United States as well across the world. Occasionally we have writers from around the world who will write aviation stories or provide news on the role of aviation in their countries.

We will continue to build upon our goals in our effort to continue providing information to address the needs of the aviation community and provide the kinds of information that will attract young people into the fields of aviation.  We are always looking for new stories, opinions and feedback. We encourage our viewers to participate by contributing information.

We are located at Opa Locka Airport (OPF), Miami, Florida (305) 305-1290

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