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Delta Pilot Convicted Of Sexual Assault Of A Minor Onboard Flight 855

March 28, 2014 - A Delta Connections pilot, Michael James Pascal, 45, was convicted on Thursday in a Utah Federal District Court on a Grand Jury on a two count indictment for sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl during a flight from Detroit to Salt Lake City on October 26, 2013. 

The three day case before U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball took the jury only a couple of hours to decide that Pascal was guilty on both counts. Sentencing is scheduled for July 29. 

Back in November Pascal was indicted by a Grand Jury on two counts of sexual assault of a minor. The Grand Jury found guilty Pascal guilty of (Count 1) knowingly engage in and cause sexual contact with a minor onboard Flight 855 with the intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, and to arouse and gratify the sexual desire of the minor and (Count 2) did knowingly engage in and cause sexual contact with the minor by intentional touching directly or through the clothing of the buttocks and inner thigh of the minor. 


On October 26, Pascal was a passenger onboard Flight 855, seated next to a 14 year old female. Before takeoff Pascal had assisted the minor with getting a blanket. Enroute to Salt Lake City at cruising altitude the minor fell asleep. Pascal began foundering the minor. 

The minor was awakened to find her armrest in the upright position and Pascal touching her about her buttocks. She pulled his hand away, smacked him and asked him what he was doing. Pascal had stated to the minor that he was sorry and had fallen asleep.

But the minor did not believe his story, the minor reported when she was awakened Pascal was leaning over her with his eyes open. The minor smacked Pascal informed the flight attendants and was seated in another location on the aircraft. When questioned by the FBI Pascal had stated it was possible his hand had fallen into minor’s seat while he was asleep, but he does not recall where his hand was when he woke up.


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