Terrorist Hands At Work, Anthrax Found In US Postal Mail, Is This The Second Wave Using Bio Terrorism


Terrorist Hands At Work
Anthrax Found In US Postal Mail 

Is This The Second Wave Using Bio Terrorism 

In the first week of October, the Florida State Department of Health and the CDC  investigates a case of anthrax in a 63-year-old male Florida resident. The diagnosis was confirmed by CDC's laboratory. This case was believed to have been an isolated case. 

However, american's around the country began showing signs of infections from anthrax. From AMI media building in Palm Beach, Florida, to congressional offices to several post office sites. Mid October two postal workers died from Inhaled anthrax. The spred of anthrax has been through the US mail (Photos of Anthrax Letters to NBC, Senator Daschle,and NY Post) system. 

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