avgas questions

Q) What if I haven't used Mobil or BP Avgas during the period 21 November to 23 December 1999?

A) CASA has been advised that Shell Avgas is not affected by this contaminant. Also, based on information currently available, Mobil Avgas purchased before 21 November is also unaffected. Aircraft are clear to fly if they have:

Q) Is 100LL Avgas (Blue in colour) affected?

A) Avgas LL (Low Lead) is not contaminated and never has been. If you have always used Shell Low Lead then you can continue to operate normally.

Q) How do I know if I have taken on contaminated Avgas or not?

A) Airworthiness Directive AD/General/78 Amendment 1 dated 12 January 2000, details the areas and dates concerned.

Q) What if I have used my own method to clean fuel systems in the past, can I do the same for this contamination?

A) CASA is aware that products such as Methylated Spirits have been used to remove contamination (of say water) from fuel systems in the past. Aircraft operators and maintainers must wait for official advice as to approved cleansing methods. Manufactures have provided CASA with evidence that Methanol and Ethanol based products such as Methylated Spirits have a long term hardening effect on aircraft seals and gaskets.

Q) Who will pay for repairs and replacement fuel?

A) Aircraft owners and operators should contact Mobil to register their details.

Q) When will the test be available?

A) The test will not be made available until all parties are assured of its effectiveness. CASA has directed all available resources onto this issue and is fully aware of the desire to get affected aircraft back in the air as soon as possible.

Q) How do I remove the contaminant from my fuel system?

A) In parallel with the development of the Avgas test, CASA is in contact with a wide range of aircraft manufacturers and industry representatives to develop the most effective way of removing the contaminant from fuel systems.
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