FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula Will hit Romanian Mamaia Beach




FAI Mamaia World Elite Aerobatic Formula Will hit Romanian Mamaia Beach

By Jurgis Kairys

  The first aerobatic competition FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula shall take place on July 10-12, in Mamaia, the resort at the Black Sea, located near the Constanta city in Romania. The event is organized under guidance of International Aeronautical Federation (FAI).

The private company Regional Air Services – Tuzla Airfield together with the multiple world champion, winner of World GP contests, King of freestyle programs and air shows Jurgis Kairys, supported by the Constanta City Hall and the County Council, are offering, thereby, to the public, the most important event of sport aviation in Romania.

FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula is a sport competition of highest class and a fashion event. The world leading pilots of aerobatics shall compete in Mamaia resort according to the rules JK Aerobatic Formula, drafted by the Lithuanian pilot Jurgis Kairys and approved in 2007 by the International Aerobatics Commission (CIVA).

“I offered a new model of aerobatic competition to the pilots and audience of the world. I hope that this competition will bring in some fresh air into the aviation sport and become a tradition”, told Jurgis Kairys, the professional in aerobatics. 

He believes that high pilot mastery requirements and flying time limits will bring a sense of fierce fight to participants and zest to those watching the flight of the pilots.

Visitors of Mamaia beach and fans of the aerobatic flights for three days will have the chance to enjoy an unusual scene – aircraft turns across the waves near the four-star hotel Vega.  Special stopwatch gates shall be drifting across the water surface.


“When performing complex acrobatic turns the top pilots of the world will demonstrate technical possibilities and human abilities, meanwhile creating a highly impressive view. While maintaining a high professional level, the sport of aviation must become easy to understand and attractive to the audience – this is the reason, why I created the rules JK Aerobatic Formula, Jurgis Kairys explained. 

The competition in Romania will be held between masters of aerobatics, unlimited category pilots from 8 countries: Castor Fantoba – 2009 Champion of Spain, Svetlana Kapanina, Russia – 5 times woman overall World Champion, Hubie Tolson – National Champion of USA, Tom Cassels – multiple National Champion of Great Britain, Zoltan Veres, Hungary – owner of the World record for the biggest number of rotations around the axis performed successively, Philipp Steinbach, Deutschland – Sbach aerobatic planes designer and pilot, Renoud Escalle – 3 times Champion of France – unlimited category, Pierre Marmi – 7 times Champion of Switzerland and, probably, a Romanian pilot, designated by the Tuzla Airfield. 

“It is not every pilot of aerobatics that may participate in the world elite competition. Only the pilots, who are able to safely perform complex turns at low heights, are chosen. Criteria are their results and readiness. Qualification flights are organized right before the competition”, explained author of the competition Jurgis Kairys.

During the FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula the pilots will perform two flight programs. Every appearance will begin and will end with a flight through the stopwatch gates for time registration. 

In the first part of the competition, called Aerobatics against Time the pilots will perform 7 aerobatic figures designated by the organizers. These must be performed during the shortest possible time and mistakes should be avoided. Every mistake will “cost” additional 5 seconds and failure to perform a figure – 30 seconds.   

The second part, called Aerobatic Freestyle is a freestyle program of three minutes. During this part the pilots will be asked to create the most exciting view, to demonstrate technical advantages of the aircraft and heir own abilities. Alongside they should strictly follow the time limits, as a permitted error is only one second. Technique and impression of the flight are the main criteria of freestyle assessment. Evaluation by the judges will be transferred into seconds.  

The Jury of FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula is formed out of 4 of the best aviation referees, as approved by FAI: Quintin Hawthorne, South Africa – Chef Judge, John Gailard, South Africa – Judge, Kimo Virtannen, Finland – Judge and Lars Arvidson, Sweden – Jury of CIVA. 

Jurgis Kairys believes that in future several stages of FAI – World Elite Aerobatic Formula could take place during a year. They may be organized in various countries of the world and a champion of World Elite Aerobatic Formula could be announced upon summing up the results.   

In the opinion of the organizers, the new aerobatic competition is not only a sport and leisure event, but an original and attractive way to make the hosting country and locality famous. Mamaia resort, which is going to become a scene of aerobatic flights, is the biggest sea resort in Romania. The sandy beach of 8,5 km length stretches between Siutghiol lake (to the west) and the Black Sea (to the east). The season starts in the middle of May and closes in the late September. 


Friday, the 10th of July:

15.00 – 16.00 – Qualifications

16.15 – 19.00 – Trainings

18.30 – 19.30 – Press conference (Hotel Vega)

Saturday, the 11th of July:

11.0 – 12.30 – Competition (each freestyle and compulsory program)

12.30 – 14.30 – Break

14.30 – 15.30 – Regional Air Services aircraft parade, parachutes dropping, individual and group aerobatic flights

15.30 – 16.30 – Air Show (participants of the competition and best Romanian teams)

Sunday, the 12th of July:

11.00 – 12.30 – Competition (freestyle and compulsory program)

12.30 – 14.30 – Break

14.30 – 15.30 – Regional Air Services aircraft parade, parachutes dropping on the beach, individual and group aerobatic flights

15.30 – 16.30 – Air Show (participants of the competition and best Romanian teams)

20.00 – Prizes award – at the Casino in Mamaia

Monday, the 13th of July:

11.00 – Press conference (hotel Vega)

Sponsors of the FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula event:

Promoting performance and technical innovation, Honda Trading Romania is the main supporter of the FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula event. The association with this event, as part of the promotional campaign for Honda brand and new Honda technologies on the Romanian market, is completed by the presence of an exhibition pavilion, in which you will find top products of the Japanese brand: Honda Legend, Accord, CR-V, and Civic Type – R. Actively involving in supporting high class performance, Honda Trading Romania demonstrates once again the competitive spirit underlying the slogan: Honda – The Power Of Dreams. 

The aviation event is supported also by real, - Hypermarket – one of the world’s biggest retailers – as part of the campaign of expansion in the Romanian market, and on the market from Constanta, where the German brand has celebrated the opening of a new store, in Aurel Vlaicu avenue no. 168 on the 2nd of April 2009. Its implication in organizing FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula has a main objective to develop the relations with the clients – throughout unconventional campaigns and association with the image of performance, in any activity domain.

ASTRA – UNIQUA is an important partner for image and social responsibility events, and has confirmed its interest for aviation meetings and competitions, supporting, as insurer, FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula. ASTRA – UNIQUA, benefits of a long experience on the national and international insurance market and nowadays is recognized as being the largest company in joint stock volume and one of the first companies for its turnovers. 

The organizers count on the help of Constanta City Hall and County Council, and also of the local administration organizations, which are taking their exam for the good ongoing of the event: Border Police Direction from Constanta, Divers Centre no. 39, Civil Protection City Inspectorate, Fire Brigade Dobrogea-Constanta and Road Police Constanta. 

Media Partners: Antena 1, Antena 3, National Geographic Channel, TVR1, Radio ZU, Radio Sky, Radio Vacanta, Radio Constanta, Playboy, Top Gear, Flacara (Flame), For Rich Only, 7 Seri (7 Nights), Pilot Magazin, Fly Level, Romanian Spotters.  

More information about FAI Mamaia – World Elite Aerobatic Formula:   http://www.aerobaticformula.com  

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