National Air Traffic Controllers Association 6th Annual "Archie League Medal of Safety" Selection Committee


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National Air Traffic Controllers Association
6th Annual "Archie League Medal of Safety" Selection Committee
Bruce Landsberg

Bruce Landsberg has led the AOPA Air Safety Foundation since May 1992. During his tenure, ASF has become the leading general aviation safety organization in the world and has been recognized with numerous awards on safety program excellence.

Landsberg writes the monthly “Safety Pilot” column in AOPA Pilot magazine, a popular weekly blog in AOPA ePilot, and is a periodic contributor to AOPA Flight Training magazine. He represents general aviation safety interests before FAA, NTSB, National Weather Service, and various industry and international groups. Prior to joining ASF, Landsberg had careers with Flight Safety International in Wichita, Kan., and Cessna Aircraft Company in marketing, safety education and business development.
Landsberg former U.S. Air Force officer, he holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master's degree in industrial technology from the University of Maryland. Landsberg has logged more than 6,000 hours with airline transport pilot (ATP), single-engine, multiengine, and instrument flight instructor certificates, and has been an AOPA member for more than 35 years.

Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend has been a professional pilot for over 28 years, flying a variety of transport and general aviation aircraft. He devoted seven years to general aviation as a professional flight instructor and fixed-base/airport operations manager. He also flew business aviation operations as a member of the Flight Department of a Fortune 50 company prior to joining the ranks of a major airline. Employed with US Airways (formerly AmericaWest) since 1990, he has flown the De Havilland Dash 8, B-737, and is currently a captain on the Airbus A319/320/321. 

Captain Townsend has worked closely with the FAA’s Air Traffic, Safety and Flight Standards operations and has collaborated with other carriers, general and business aviation, and the military in his efforts to move NextGen from concept to implementation. He recently served on the Leadership Committee and co-chair of the Streamlining Operations Workgroup as part of RTCA’s Task Force 5. As a former air safety representative for the Air Line Pilots Association for 10 years, Brian served as the chairman of the National Airspace System Modernization Team and vice chairman of the Air Traffic Services Group.

Townsend's committee work encompassed Performance- Based Operations, RNAV-RNP Procedures and Charting, Data Communications, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, ADS-B, Environmental Issues and a host of other areas and modernization activities. He currently serves as a member of the FAA/ATA CNS Task Force. 

In addition to his line pilot duties, Townsend leads the airline’s NextGen initiatives and regional airspace activities. Through his efforts, the airline has become a recognized leader in the development and successful implementation of performance based operations resulting in optimized and integrated procedures in many areas of the NAS. Most recently, he was instrumental in partnering the airline with the FAA’s SBS Office for early adoption of ADS-B applications and operations in Philadelphia. 

Dale Wright

Dale Wright is NATCA’s Safety and Technology Director, as well as a recently retired air traffic controller. After entering the U.S. Air Force in 1975, he began his ATC career at Berlin Center in Germany before later relocating to England AFB in Louisiana.

Wright the FAA in 1983, Dale spent 17 years serving at Charlotte and Atlanta facilities before joining NATCA as ARS Liason and JPDO Liaison in Washington, D.C. from 2000 to 2004. After returning to his hometown of Charlotte for two more years of ATC duties, Dale retired in September 2007 after 32 years of loyal government service and took over the director position he holds today. 

Dale has served a variety of regional and national-level committees including chairman of the National Finance Committee. In addition to his significant union roles and his history of ATC experience, Dale is an instrument-rated pilot and aircraft owner. Dale is also currently serving the aviation industry as FAA Runway Safety Council co-lead.

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