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General Aviation Pilots May Soon Be Paying A Landing Fee At Macarthur Airport
By Shane Nolan

October 8, 2012 - The Town of Islip on Long Island, in New York will vote on Tuesday on whether Long Island MacArthur Airport will charge a general aviation landing fee at the airport. If approved by Islip Town Board the fees would go into effect December 1, 2012.

If approved noncommercial aircraft will be charged $1.44 per 1,000 pounds of gross landing weight for touch down at the airport. Nighttime (10 p.m. and 6:30 AM) fees would considerably higher, at $2.16 per 1,000 pounds.

Post 911, MacArthur Airport saw a 25 percent drop in passenger traffic. From 2005 to 2009 almost every category of MacArthur's operations had declined; airline, military, air taxi, and general aviation.


In 2011, 89% of the 140,540 flights that landed at MacArthur Airport were general aviation or air taxi flights. Airport officials believe if this new fee is approved it will generate additional airport revenue of $100,000 annually.

Long Island MacArthur Airport's West Side houses numerous general aviation tenants, including three fixed based operators: Sheltair Aviation, Excelaire, and Mid Island Air, which offer a full range of general aviation services. ATP Flight School is also a tenant of the airport, offering flight training for the area.

Long Island MacArthur Airport is owned and operated by the Town of Islip. The Department of Aviation is led by the Commissioner of Aviation and Transportation, who works closely with the Town Board to manage and steward the airport. Departments include Airport Operations, Custodial, Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, Maintenance, and Public Affairs.

In April 1942, four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which precipitated the entrance of the United States into World War II, the Town of Islip entered into contract with the federal government to build an airfield on Town-owned land for potential military purposes during the war.



Within months, the Civil Aeronautics Administration predecessor to today's Federal Aviation Administration funded construction of three paved runways. Originally named Islip Airport, at the suggestion of Charles H. Duryea, a local elected official, the airport was renamed MacArthur Airport, after General Douglas MacArthur, General of the Army. In 1944, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation built the first hangar at the airport. Five years later, the Town built the airport's first terminal building preparing the way for commercial service. Throughout the 1950s, the Sperry Corporation conducted aerospace research at the airport.

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