What Will It Cost To Learn To Get Your Pilots License


What Will It Cost

Prices vary from flight school to flight school. Generally prices are based on:

  • How new and the aircraft that are being used for flight training. 

  • Prices of fuel in your area. 

  • Type of program. 

  • Location of the airport 

Aircraft burn x- amount of fuel per hour. Generally small aircraft are burning between 6 to 8 gallons of fuel per hour. If fuel in Miami, Florida is selling for just over $3 per gallon and in Boston, Massachusetts is selling for just $4.00 a gallon then theoretically it would cost more to fly. Generally speaking for the small aircraft the cost per hour for flying lessons are about $75- 125 per hour for the aircraft, flight instructor and fuel. For ground school it about $25 hour for individual instruction and $350 for open classroom instruction. For a ground school course. Many flight schools will give a discount for club members that put up large amounts of money rather than paying by the hour (club rates). Some flight schools will give the student guaranty prices to become a private pilot.


You can find such fight schools in the Trader Plane magazine. Generally speaking flight schools that are located at a controlled airport generally cost more per hour for flying lessons and ground school instruction. This is due to retail property rents are higher than at non-controlled airports. Generally speaking a controlled airport is an airport that has an operating control tower. If there is not control tower at an airport chances are the airport is a non-controlled airport. I have provided a list of flying schools across the United States. You can locate a flying school in your area. Once you have done this you may contact the flying school to inquire the costs, types of training programs and the types of aircraft they provide in their training.
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