How Difficult Is  It To Learn To Fly ?  


How Difficult Is  It To Learn To Fly ? 

To obtain your pilots license you will need to take a private pilot ground school, flying lessons and pass a third class medical exam. Ground school instruction will cover all the materials needed to pass the private pilot written exam. You can take the ground school at a certified flight school or you can do it at home through a home study course. The private pilot course will cover such materials as; 

  • Aircraft systems and performance
  • Meteorology and weather patterns
  • Radio Communication
  • Flight Planning
  • Weight and Balance
  • Regulations
  • Principles of Flight

Learning to fly is not difficult at all. If you are commit in becoming a pilot, your chances are very good. You must be willing to give it your best. The most economical way to get your pilots license, is to study. You don't want to go down to the airport only to have your flight instructor spending time on material you should have covered the night before.



You will find that in partnership, theory and practice that is; your ground school materials and your flying lesions will make it much easier to learn to fly. As the two complement one another making it more enjoyable to learn and more economical. Chances are you'll start off in a small single engine aircraft such as a Cessna 150 or a Piper Warrior. Both types of aircraft provide excellent training capabilities and are very forgiving. They are not difficult to takeoff nor land and provide a very smooth flight. Both types aircraft provide sound proofing which make it an excellent environment to learn.

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