Eligibility Requirements To Become A Private Pilot  

Eligibility Requirements To Become A Private Pilot  

In order to be come a private pilot in the United States (61.103), whether in an aircraft or rotorcraft you must be 17 years of age. You must pass a medical, written, oral, and a flight exam and have a good command of the English language. In order to be qualified for a private pilot license you must have at minimum a third class medical certificate issued by a FAA designated medical doctor. During the examination, the doctor will check your eye site, hearing, heart, etc. to assess your ability to safely act as pilot and determine if corrective measures such as eye glasses should be used by the applicant (67.301).

An applicant for a private pilots license must pass a written exam. The written exam will consist of test questions with multiple choice answers, covering such areas as weight and balance, meteorology, the different airspace, airport markings, aircraft systems, etc. For the private exam you will be given 60 test questions and you will be required to pass with a 70 percent. If you fail you may take the exam over again. The exam will be taken at a designated sites through out the United States. You maybe a young as 15 years old to take a written exam (61.35).

The oral exam is an exam that is given just before your flight exam. The exam will be conducted by a FAA designated flight examiner. Such questions may included, weight and balance, meteorology, emergency procedures, etc.

In order to qualify for a private pilots license the student pilot must have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time (61.109). That time must include at minimum:

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