ASDE-X: Raytheon

ASDE-X - Raytheon Layout
The Raytheon ARPA M3450/18PCX-12 is a high-resolution, ground surveillance radar which presents the controller with a screen display of stationary and/or moving aircraft and vehicles. The salient features of the Raytheon radar are: 

  • it is a production marine radar available from the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Service; 
  • it is designed with standardized, modular components which provide interchangeability, shorten mean time to repair, and reduce spares requirements; 
  • it  has options that enable it to serve as a sensor for the detection, surveillance, and control of surface vehicles at airports when visual line-of-sight is limited; 
  • the system has an integral 25kW STX ASDE Transceiver, a low noise receiver, and a 34 cm raster display; 
  • it is a pulse-type system capable of operating at three distinct pulse widths; 
  • advanced digital signal processing provides the controller with a reliable means of monitoring vehicles in poor visibility; 
  • the radar has ten scale settings available and operates at 9375 MHz, a frequency affording optimum tradeoff between resolution and weather performance; 
  • the circularly polarized antenna has a beamwidth of 190 vertical and 0.40 horizontal and rotate at a uniform speed of 60 rpm;