Aeronautical Information Manual

Explanation of Changes

Effective: March 12, 2009

a. 1-1-4. VOR Receiver Check

A/G voice communications panels are no longer depicted on the FAA IFR area chart and IFR enroute low altitude chart.

b. 2-1-6. Runway Status Light (RWSL)

Adds new information concerning Runway Status Lights.


This proposal re-writes subparagraph 4-1-3.a, and deletes subparagraph 4-1-3.b, which is obsolete.

d. 4-3-18. TAXIING

Flight crews can expect to receive the route to follow while on the movement area at tower controlled airports.


This proposal adds a second part to the note following paragraph 5-1-8.a, and adds subparagraph 5-1-8.a.5. These changes recommend that the pilot identify the city name and state and/or airport identifier when requesting an ATC clearance and when initially filing an IFR flight plan.

f. 5-4-5. Instrument Approach Procedure Charts

To explain a military exception to civilian depiction on Instrument Approach Procedure Charts.

g. 7-1-30. Key to Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) and Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR); and 7-1-31. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Weather Formats

To bring the US TAF format up to date with the new ICAO requirement.

h. Appendix 4. Abbreviations/Acronyms

Adds new information concerning Runway Status Lights.

i. Entire publication.

Editorial/format changes were made where necessary. Revision bars were not used because of the insignificant nature of these changes.


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